Hezbollah to intensify protests

The group promises to step up campaign to topple the Lebanese government.

    Nasrallah did not indicate what the action would be but said the campaign would remain non-violent [AFP]

    Street protests
    Hezbollah and its allies have staged numerous street protests and sit-ins, with protesters camping outside the offices of Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, since December 1, 2006.

    "I believe this action will be effective, very important and very big"

    Hassan Nasrallah,
    Hezbollah leader

    Newspapers have speculated that if Hezbollah steps up the campaign, it is likely to include a general strike and the blockading of major roads.
    When asked if the opposition would close Beirut's roads, port or airport, Nasrallah declined to comment.
    Nasrallah also said that the resignation of Lt Gen Dan Halutz, Israel's military chief, proved that Hezbollah had won the July-August war with Israel.
    Internal inquiries by the Israeli military found widespread problems with it's military performance during the 34-day war.
    Halutz resigned on Wednesday saying he had to take responsibility.
    In his interview Nasrallah said that he expected Israel's defence minister and the prime minister also to resign.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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