Al-Aqsa mosque gets new rostrum

The rostrum is a replica of the one given by Salah el-din in 1187.

    The new replica rostrum costs $1.5 million and sits on Islam's third-holiest site [AFP]

    "The new one was constructed on the model of the original. Once the plans were drawn up, it took four years to construct it," Husseini said.


    The cost of the new rostrum stood at $1.5 million, donated by Jordan's King Abdullah II, said Luay Dabbur, a deputy dean at Jordan's Balqa Applied Sciences University where the rostrum was built.


    The original rostrum, brought by Salah el-din from Allepo in today's northern Syria, was destroyed in a fire set by Michael Dennis Rohan, a Christian radical from Australia, in 1969.


    Al-Aqsa mosque compound is Islam's third-holiest site, after Mecca and Medina.


    According to the Koran, Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven on the back of a winged steed from the site.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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