Spanish walkout over 'Saudi sexism'

Justice minister refuses to deliver university lecture after ban on visiting females.

     Lopez Aguilar and the Spanish delegation were not told about the ban until Sunday night [EPA file pic]

    Last minute decision
    The Spanish delegation and reporters travelling with them were not informed about the ban until Sunday night, but tried to enter the university anyway on Monday.
    A justice ministry spokeswoman in Madrid said: "Yesterday, at the last minute, we were told women couldn't enter the university.
    He cancelled because the none of the women were allowed to be there."
    She said a written copy was given to students instead. Graduates of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud university work in the government, mosques, courts and in the religious police force which patrols all Saudi cities and towns to enforce Islam-oriented public order.
    Last March, Britain's Prince Charles became the first non-Muslim foreign dignitary to visit the university.
    The lecture was to have closed a two-day visit by Lopez Aguilar, who is stepping down from the justice post to run for office in his native Canary Islands region.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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