Dozens killed in Iraq air crash

Turkish construction workers among the victims as aircraft tries to land in fog.

    Relatives of the dead gathered outside the offices of the construction company in Adana, Turkey [AFP]

    Turkish officials later put the death toll later rose to 34, although American officials said that one man survived the crash and was being treated.


    "Thirty-four people were killed in the accident: an American, 28  Turks and the five crew. There is one survivor, who is seriously wounded," a source at the Turkish embassy in Baghdad told AFP newsagency.

    Cahit Kirac, the governor of Adana, told CNN Turk television that the aircraft was carrying 29 Turks, one American and a crew comprising a Russian, a Ukrainian and three Moldovans.


    The aircraft belonged to Moldova's Aerian Tur Airlines and the workers on board were from the Turkish construction company Kulak, the Turkish foreign ministry said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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