Kidnapped photographer freed

Peruvian journalist snatched in Gaza says he was treated well.

    Palestinian journalists had campaigned for Razuri's release [AFP]

    Fatah officials said Fatah and Popular Resistance Committees, a small fighter group in Gaza, mediated in his release.
    "I'm fine. I'm very happy to be released. They treated me well and gave me good food," Razuri said minutes after he was freed. He also thanked "all those who were involved in my release".
    Razuri was abducted at gunpoint from a part of central Gaza City where many foreign journalists have offices. There was no immediate word on who the kidnappers were.
    The kidnapping was the latest in a series of abductions of foreign jounalists and aid workers by unidentified groups in Gaza. Unlike Razuri, most of the victims were released unharmed after a few hours.
    Gunmen in Gaza have abducted foreigners usually to try to put pressure on the Palestinian government to give them jobs or press for the release of detained colleagues, including those inside prisons in Israel.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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