Saudis sent back from Guantanamo

At least 74 Saudis still languish in Guantanamo while 16 are repatriated.

    More than 400 people are still being 
    held without charge in Guantanamo

    The latest handover brings to 53 the number of Saudis who have  returned from Guantanamo. The bodies of two Saudi inmates, whom the  US said committed suicide at the camp in June, were also repatriated.


    More than 400 prisoners captured in the US-led war in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States are being detained without charge at Guantanamo.


    Washington has denied authorising torture there, but has also defended the use of some controversial interrogation techniques in a bid to uncover terrorism plots.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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