Focus: Israel and the Palestinians

Focus: Israel and the Palestinians.

    Gaza: The open prison

    The lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are dominated by Israeli military action.

    Gaza's two access points are controlled by Israel, which regularly closes them for days on end.

    Jerusalem's volatile existence
    A city that holds spiritual significance for Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

    Veterans of the barrier protest
    West Bank villagers have a message for Israel: give us back our land.

    Israel's illegal settlements

    Spies in the skies 'Low-lethality' weapons
    Gazan voices A talent for technology Interview: Uri Avnery


    Interactive: Coding like a girl

    Interactive: Coding like a girl

    What obstacles do young women in technology have to overcome to achieve their dreams? Play this retro game to find out.

    Heron Gate mass eviction: 'We never expected this in Canada'

    Hundreds face mass eviction in Canada's capital

    About 150 homes in one of Ottawa's most diverse and affordable communities are expected to be torn down in coming months

    I remember the day … I designed the Nigerian flag

    I remember the day … I designed the Nigerian flag

    In 1959, a year before Nigeria's independence, a 23-year-old student helped colour the country's identity.