US: Iraqi bomb factory destroyed

Iraqi fighters killed as US troops launch raids.

    The fighting comes in the wake of an
    escalation in the sectarian violence

    In an earlier statement it had said that 10 people were killed in air strikes on a bomb-making factory in Taji. Taji is a mostly Sunni town near a major US air base.


    "The raids come after a bombing campaign in Baghdad on Thursday that killed more than 200 Shia"

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    The US military said: "After the fighting, coalition forces ... discovered significant caches consisting of rocket-propelled grenades, machine-guns, anti-aircraft weapons, pipe bombs and more than 3,000 feet of detonation cord."


    It said US forces suffered no casualties, but a teenager was killed and a pregnant woman wounded in one of the clashes.


    The raids come after a bombing campaign in Baghdad on Thursday that killed more than 200 Shia.




    Earlier on Saturday, the bodies of 21 Iraqi villagers from two families abducted and killed by gunmen overnight were found in the Diyala province northeast of the capital.


    Police said armed men attacked the families, who were from a Shia tribe, late on Friday night in Imam Mansour village, near the town of Balad Ruz, and dragged out all the men.


    Their corpses were found on Saturday morning, shot execution-style.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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