Son of Ukraine's ex-president drowns in Russian lake

Viktor Yanukovich's youngest son died after vehicle plunged through ice on Lake Baikal, associate of ex-president says.

    The youngest son of Ukraine's former president, Viktor Yanukovich, has died after his vehicle plunged through ice near the Russian-Mongolian border.

    An associate of the deposed president said on Sunday that 33-year-old Viktor Yanukovich, who had the same name as his father, was driving at the time of his death.

    Russian authorities have not identified a driver who died on Friday when a minibus carrying six people crashed through thin ice on Lake Baikal or confirmed reports that it was Yanukovich's son. The five passengers survived.

    The former president has lived in Russia since being toppled from power last year following months of protests against corruption and his decision to seek closer ties to Russia instead of the European Union.

    According to Kiev, Yanukovich and members of his family accumulated vast fortunes during his time in office.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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