Scotland will remain in UK say pro-unionists

Better Together campaign touts survey showing majority reject independence ahead of Thursday's referendum.

    The pro-union "Better Together" campaign has claimed support for Scottish independence is waning, as it released a survey showing a majority of Scots wanted to remain in the UK.

    The campaign said support for staying was at 54 percent, while 46 percent were planning to vote for independence on September 18, once undecideds were excluded.

    "This poll suggests that 'No' are in the lead but that the race is far from over," Blair McDougall, campaign director of the "Better Together" campaign told the AFP news agency.

    Saturday's poll comes as a boost to the anti-independence campaign after the latest "poll of polls" on Friday showed the vote remained on a knife-edge, with just 51 percent support for staying in the UK.

    While polls had consistently shown strong leads for the "No" campaign to reject independence, a recent surge in support for "Yes" has prompted some investors to sell the pound and the shares of Scottish companies over concerns about the economic ramifications of a split.

    The former UK prime ministerm Tony Blair, said a breakup of the UK would not be a sensible step.

    "For all the reasons given by all the party leaders of the UK, in the 21st century to rip up the alliance between our countries would not be sensible, politically, economically or even emotionally."

    Scotland votes on Thursday whether to end a 307-year-old union with England and break away from the United Kingdom.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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