Barcelona clashes rage over squat eviction

Police arrest 25 over clashes with security forces in Barcelona after squatting centre cleared.

    Barcelona clashes rage over squat eviction
    The protest was against the eviction of squatters from 'Can Vies' building. [AFP]

    Police have arrested 25 people during a third night of clashes in Barcelona following the clearing of a squat which had been occupied for 17 years. 

    Protesters threw rocks and set fire to trash containers after police evicted squatters from the 'Can Vies' social centre building.

    A police spokeswoman said on Thursday the disturbances began after a peaceful protest the previous evening in the central Sants district of Barcelona when police prevented some protesters from approaching a town hall office.

    The demonstration was to protest Monday's closing of 'Can Vies' that was occupied by squatters since 1997, following a court order when negotiations broke down between the city of Barcelona and the youth occupying the building.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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