Germany court attack leaves two men dead

Two men fatally wounded in a shooting and stabbing attack at a court complex in Frankfurt.

    Germany court attack leaves two men dead

    German police say two men have been killed in an attack at a courthouse in Frankfurt.

    A police statement, published on Twitter, said the men were fatally wounded in a shooting and stabbing on Friday.

    The victims were aged 45 and 50. Police gave no further details about their identities but said one died at the scene and the other shortly afterwards at a hospital.

    Police spokesman, Ruediger Reges, told N24 television that the attacker was believed to have fired shots in a courtyard at the courthouse, fatally wounding one of the victims.

    The other apparently fled inside the building, but the assailant followed and stabbed him.

    The suspected attacker escaped on foot but was arrested near the courthouse, he said.

    A police statement said he was a 47-year-old Afghan national and resident of Eschborn, a town near Frankfurt.

    There was no immediate information on a possible motive.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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