Blast kills Palestinian diplomat in Prague

Palestinian delegation to help with inquiry into explosion in which Jamal al-Jamal, ambassador to Czech Republic, died.

    Blast kills Palestinian diplomat in Prague
    There were no visible signs of damage to the diplomat's Prague residence on Wednesday [Reuters]

    The Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic has died in an explosion at his residence in Prague, according to a police spokesperson.

    The blast in the Czech capital occurred before midday on Wednesday, Andrea Zoulova, the spokesperson, said.

    Jamal al-Jamal's family was also at the two-storey residence, in a northern suburb of Prague, but no one else was hurt, she said.

    There were no visible signs of damage to the house from the street, according to a Reuters reporter at the scene.

    Police cordoned off part of the street and half dozen police vehicles, two fire-tenders and two ambulances were there.

    "There has been a detonation of a so-far unidentified explosive mixture," Zoulova said.

    "The ambassador was injured ... and taken to hospital with serious injuries. At the moment it is impossible to specify what kind of explosive it was. A search ... is under way at the moment."

    A Palestinian official told Reuters from Ramallah: "This explosion happened at his house. He recently moved there. He was taken to hospital. An investigation is under way."

    A second Palestinian source said: "He moved an old case with him to the new house from the old house. And when he opened it, the explosion happened."

    The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said it will send a delegation to Prague "to help with the investigation".

    SOURCE: Reuters


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