Deadly blast hits Turkish capital

At least two killed in centre of Ankara by explosion that police suspect was caused by bomb.

    The explosion gutted several parked cars before it was put out by fire fighters [Reuters]

    At least two people have been killed and several injured in an explosion in the centre of the Turkish capital, Ankara, reports say.

    Police suspect Tuesday's explosion, which happened in front of the Cankaya local administrator's office close to Ankara's downtown Kizilay square, was caused by a bomb in a vehicle.

    The scene of the blast was sealed off as police feared a secon
    d explosion, the Anatolia news agency said.

    The blast sparked a fire which was later put out by firefighters at the scene, NTV television reported.

    Television images showed several parked cars ablaze in front of a local state authority's offices, while a plume of thick smoke rose over the area.

    No further details were immediately available.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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