Security tight for London street party

Thousands of police on duty as Notting Hill Carnival takes place, weeks after deadly riots.

    The Notting Hill Carnival in London is under way amid tight security with some 5,500 police on duty and an extra 4,000 on standby.

    Coming so soon after the London riots, this year's annual street party takes place under real scrutiny.

    Starting in the 1960s soon after West Indians started arriving in London, the London neighbourhood has seen a change from poor and run-down to an area with booming property prices and gentrification.

    For some, the carnival's image has always been painted in a negative light by mainstream media, who tend to ignore the positives the street party brings as well. "It's a great celebration of culture and multiculturalism and it's unfortunate that it's reported on in terms of crime," said Ishmail Blagrove, an organiser.

    Al Jazeera's correspondent Simon McGregor-Wood reports from London.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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