Dutch make 'terror-related' arrest

Dutch police arrest British citizen of Somali origin at Schiphol airport, suspected of having 'links to terror groups.'

    Schiphol has faced criticism in the past year due to security failures [EPA]

    Dutch police have arrested a British citizen of Somali origin at Schiphol airport. The man, whose identity has not been released yet, is suspected of having links to terror groups, according to police sources.

    Authorities arrested the man at the airport in Amsterdam, as he was on a lay-over from Liverpool airport in the UK to Entebbe in Uganda on Sunday morning, Evert Boerstra, the Dutch National Police spokesman, told Al Jazeera.

    Dutch authorities allegedly received a tip-off on the suspect's presence by UK police.

    The arrest took place on board the flight, which was jointly run by Air France, KLM and Kenya Airways.

    The suspect remains in custody at Schiphol airport.

    History of arrests

    Dutch police have arrested two Yemeni men at Schiphol airport at the end of August, over reports that they were carrying "suspicious items."  However, the men were later released without charge.

    Security at Schiphol has faced criticism in the past year after a man was allowed to transit through the airport before making a failed bomb attack on a aircraft bound for the US city of Detroit.

    Al-Shabab, a group fighting the Somali government and with links to al-Qaeda, have carried out attacks in Uganda in recent months.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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