Alonso wins, Hamilton out in Italy

Fernando Alonso beats McLaren's Jenson Button as Hamilton crashes out of Italian Grand Prix on the first lap.

    A collision with Ferrari's Felipe Massa sent Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes into the gravel trap [GALLO/GETTY]. 

    Fernando Alonso has secured Ferrari a longed-for victory in their home Italian Grand Prix while Australian Mark Webber retook the Formula One championship lead from a downcast Lewis Hamilton.

    McLaren's world champion Jenson Button, who led for more than half the race, denied Ferrari an even more magical one-two finish in front of their red-shirted fans with second place ahead of Brazilian Felipe Massa.

    Lewis Hamilton, Formula One championship leader of McLaren Mercedes, crashed out of Italian Grand Prix on the first lap after colliding with Ferrari's Felipe Massa. The impact broke the McLaren's front right suspension and sent Hamilton into the gravel trap.

    Hamilton's front right tyre made contact with Massa's car as the two tussled for the inside line at the Monza circuit. Hamilton went off at the next corner with his McLaren unable to steer right.

    Massa's Ferrari appeared undamaged and he continued in third place, riding shotgun behind Spanish team mate Fernando Alonso and McLaren's world champion and early race leader Jenson Button.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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