Germany survive South Korea scare

Germany come from behind to draw 2-2 with South Korea in field hockey World Cup.

    New Delhi is hosting the latest edition of
    the World Cup[AFP] 

    Lucky escape

    But the reigning Olympic champions who are looking for a hat-trick of World Cup titles after winning the last two editions in 2002 and 2006, fought back strongly after resumption.

    Florian Fuchs narrowed the margin in the 50th minute with a goal that was referred to the video umpire, before Benjamin Wess scored  the equaliser off a goal-mouth melee eight minutes later.

    The Germans were lucky to escape with a point in the opening match of group A, which also includes the Netherlands, Argentina, New Zealand and Canada.

    Two teams from the group will advance to the semi-finals. Hyun Hye-Sung put the Asian champions ahead in the fourth minute with a stinging penalty corner shot, before Lee Nam Yong produced a brilliant second goal in the 15th minute.

    Taking a pass from the centre, Lee sped down the left flank and hit a reverse stick from the narrowest of angles that caught German goalkeeper Max Weinhold on the wrong foot and went in.

    "I am must admit we were lucky to draw," German captain Max Muller said.

    "But I am also happy we were able to fight back in the  second-half and create chances.

    "We need to improve our penalty corner conversions. We wasted  six today. Just can't afford to do it in our remaining games.

    "The South Koreans were fast on their counter-attacks like  always, but we always knew that. They did not play any better today,  it's just that we were not at our best."


    Taekema's hat-trick against Argentina took his World Cup tally to 16, just one short of another Dutch penalty corner specialist Floris Jan-Bovelander.

    "A good start, of course," Dutch coach Michel van den  Heuvel said. "Taeke is obviously a very important player for us and it is good to have him in such form.

    "This is only the first match and we are settling down well."

    Canada, ranked 11th in the world, took an early lead against the number eight Kiwis when Mark Pearson scored off a rebound in the  second minute.

    Priyesh Bhana drew level in the 11th, but the Canadians nudged ahead a second time in the 20th through a field goal by Philip  Wright.

    New Zealand attacked after the resumption and were rewarded with the equaliser by Nick Haig in the 46th minute, before Archibald  found the winner from the top of the circle.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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