Crew killed in Siberia plane crash

Eleven die as Russian cargo plane crashes on takeoff in eastern Siberia.

    The plane was unable to gain height before crashing[EPA]

    The plane, which was carrying no cargo but had full fuel tanks, exploded as it hit the mine.

    An inquiry was launched to find the cause of the crash.

    It is the second crash in less than a month involving an Il-76, the mainstay of the Soviet and Russian air force since the 1970s.

    Russia's air force temporarily grounded all Il-76 aircraft after an engine broke off the wing of a plane on October 7 in preparation for takeoff. No one was hurt in that accident.

    Russia has one of the world's worst air safety records, with elderly Soviet-era aircraft, dated airport facilities, poor maintenance and lax standards contributing to a high number of crashes.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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