Slovaks vote in presidential runoff

Incumbent faces country's first female candidate to contest second round poll.

    Radicova, right, received 38 per cent of the
    vote in the first round in March [AFP]

    Marian Lesko, a columnist for the daily Sme newspaper, said he expected the results of Saturday's election to mirror those of the first round.

    "Despite the first round results, I don't expect a change, and the second round will be in favour of Gasparovic as well." he said.

    About 6,000 polling stations opened at 7am local time (05:00 GMT) and more than four million eligible voters have until 10pm (20:00 GMT) to cast their ballots with results expected during the night.

    The election is seen by some analysts as a test of support for Robert Fico, the country's prime minister, who has endorsed Gasparovic.

    The role of the president is mostly ceremonial in Slovakia, where a parliamentary democracy was established in 1993, following the break up of Czechoslovakia.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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