Car bomb shakes Athens suburb

Police suspect explosion in Greek seaside town was related to business dispute.

    Local media in Greece reported that the man had been targeted in the past [AFP]

    Authorities say the man runs a car sales business and that they are investigating the possibility of personal rivalry as a motive for the attacks.

    Greek local media reported that the victim had been targeted in the past, with his car allegedly booby-trapped in 2004.

    Attacks over business differences, including bombings and assassination attempts, are not unusual in Greece.

    In other news of violence, Greek riot police clashed with stone-throwing protesters on Thursday during a march against a grenade attack on the offices of a leftist rights group.

    Officers fired tear gas at a group of youths who broke out of the demonstrators and threw stones and a petrol bomb at police.

    No injuries or arrests were reported.

    SOURCE: Al jazeera and agencies


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