'Forced marriage' UK doctor freed

Family alleged to have abducted doctor in order to force her into a marriage.

    Joynal Abedin, Humayra's father, after the verdict at the high court in Dhaka on Sunday [AFP]

    'Big trouble'

    Britain's High Court in London issued an order last week under a new Forced Marriage Act which allows British courts to prevent forced marriages.

    The High Court in Bangladesh then ruled she should be freed. "She requested the court not to put her parents in trouble because of what they did to her," said Syed Mahmud Hossain, the judge.

    "But I am saying what you (the parents) have done to her is not acceptable. If there's any further problem you will be in big trouble."

    Hutchinson said there was significant under-reporting of cases of forced marriage, saying there were as many as 350 similar cases involving British women.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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