UK doctor says he is 'a terrorist'

Man charged with conspiracy to murder in 2007 car-bomb attacks in London and Scotland.

    The attack in Glasgow airport in June 2007 came a day after a London nightclub bombing scare [AFP]

    Abdulla was asked on Monday whether he had told a police officer he was a terrorist after his arrest at Glasgow airport.


    "I said something along those lines, but it was more like a question," he told the court.


    "Everyone was saying you are a terrorist, you are arrested under the Terrorism Act and so forth. That is my case in a nutshell. I am told I am a terrorist, but is your government not a terrorist, is your army not a terrorist?

    "By the definition of the Act, according to English law, yes. That is my aim - to change opinion using violence, using fire devices."


    Unexpected swerve

    Abdulla, who is on trial with Mohammed Asha, 28, a Jordanian doctor, said he planned to flee Britain to Jordan or Iraq probably via Turkey after attacks in London failed.

    But as they approached Glasgow airport, his friend, Kafeel Ahmed, 28, swerved the Jeep into the terminal building without warning.

    Abdulla and Ahmed, 28, who later died of burns he sustained in the attack, had wanted to highlight the plight of people in Iraq and Afghanistan with a series of incendiary device attacks, the defence has said.

    "I never had such an agreement with Kafeel. From the beginning, from day one, we said we will not kill or injure any innocent person," he said.

    "Look at this incident. This incident, if it was to kill people or cause an explosion, we would not have done it that way. It looks very clumsy.


    He said Ahmed brought the petrol bombs to protect himself from the police if he was caught on the way.


    Crashing into terminal


    Ahmed said Ahmed stunned him by crashing into the airport terminal.


    "He was determined, his foot was on the accelerator and he did not respond to me at all. I started shouting 'What are you doing, what are you doing, man?'" the court was told.


    Abdulla said he threw a petrol bomb that Ahmed had put in his hands out of the car window away from airport passengers, but in the process set fire to other bombs and burned him.

    He said he was then attacked by people as he got out of the car, saying he hit back after being punched.

    Abdulla and Asha deny charges of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions. The trial continues.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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