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Europe's worst air disasters

     Air France Concorde crashed in 2000, killing 113 people, including four on the ground [AP]

    July 2000: Air France Concorde flight destined for New York crashes into a hotel outside Paris shorty after taking off. A total of 113 people are killed, including four on the ground.

    November 1983: An Avianca Boeing 747 plane travelling from Paris to Madrid's Barajas airport crashes during the approach to the Spanish capital, killing 181 of 192 on board.

    March 1977: Two Boeing 747s collide in foggy weather on runway in Tenerife, a total of 583 people are killed, making it the worst-ever plane disaster in Europe.

    March 1974: Turkish Airlines flight crashes near Paris after cargo door that was not closed properly blew out. The 33 passengers and 12 crew were killed. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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