London truckers protest fuel costs

Drivers say their jobs are in danger as fuel prices reach almost $10 per gallon.

    Truckers staged a similar protest in May [EPA]

    "We're having to compete with hauliers from those other EU countries who are coming into the UK with enough fuel to last all week - they're undercutting our rates, taking our work and destroying British companies."

    Escorted by police, the protestors on Wednesday set off from a service station in Kent and will drive in convoys from a highway west of the city, into the centre of London.

    In May, several hundred truckers jammed a major route into London in a similar protest.

    In addition to the mobile protest, a delegation of hauliers will lobby Parliament on foot in protest at record-high fuel prices.

    High fuel prices have sparked several protests across Europe in the last few months.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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