Your Views: London's new mayor

Al Jazeera asks Londoners what they think of Boris Johnson.

    Johnson will officially take over at City Hall on Saturday [Al Jazeera]

    "I was elected as new Boris and I will govern as new Boris, or whatever the phrase is," Boris Johnson said on Saturday morning after just over one million Londoners elected him into office as the city's new mayor.

    Johnson, a Conservative, now has the task of managing a budget of $22bn, covering public transport, police and fire services in a city of about 7.5 million people.

    He also has the task of preparing London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

    Al Jazeera asked Londoners what they think of their new mayor, and whether his coming term will be a success.

    Andre, 72, Notting Hill

    "Ken Livingstone [London former mayor, and a Labour member] was too comfortable in the job. He did good for the city, but on the other hand the change is going to be good for London.

    "Johnson's outlook is not so heavy. I think that people must not underestimate his intelligence by his demeanor of laughing and joking.

    "There's a lot behind this guy, and it will come out."

    Helen, 32, East Finchley

    "He seems like a funny character, loads of energy and very charismatic, but I'm not sure how well he will actually do the job.

    "It's quite a serious job and I think we'll see quite a few gaffes along the way.

    "Personality probably got him in."

    Charles, 24, Chelsea

    "I voted for Boris.

    "He doesn't indulge in this flagrant identity politcs, appealing to various senses of victimhood.

    "All hail Bozza."


    Neville, 56, Bexley

    "Ken Livingstone only ever mentions the City, and I live in the suburbs of London. Where I live, I pay for the GLA [Greater London Authority], London's transport, the Underground, and we haven't got anything there. We get nothing, absolutely nothing.

    "Boris is a personality. He's his own man. What he will do is tell the truth. All this rubbish about the Olympics [under Ken Livingstone] ... Boris came out this morning and said he'd look into it."

    Siobhan, 32, Pimlico

    "Boris a good change from Ken. London needed a new leader, someone who wasn't so comfortable in power.

    "There's a certain amount of celebrity in London's election, which is unfortunate I think.

    "But the proof [that Boris will be a good leader] will only come in the next few years."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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