Turkey bombs 'PKK bases' in Iraq

Raid on Kurdish fighters in northern Qandil mountains lasts three hours.

    The PKK says it suffered no casualties in the
    Turkish raid on Thursday [AFP]
    Speaking from northern Iraq, Ahmed Danis, the PKK spokesman, said the group had suffered no losses in the strikes but expressed concern that the Turks and the Iranians were increasing co-operation to drive the group out.
    'Terrorists' targeted
    The White House on Friday endorsed Turkey's raids against the Kurdish bases, saying they targeted PKK "terrorists".
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    -The Kurds
    -The PKK

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    Fears of political censorship in Turkey

    Dreams of independence

    "These are ongoing operations against the PKK, a terrorist organisation. The United States, Iraq and Turkey are all committed to dealing with this problem," Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the US national security council, said. 
    Turkish aircraft have been attacking Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq since mid-December.
    The PKK has been fighting for self-rule in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast region since 1984.
    The conflict has claimed more than 37,000 lives.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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