Naples rubbish trial delayed

City's regional president denies abusing office over region's ongoing waste crisis.

    Some 3,500 tonnes of uncollected rubbish still rests on the streets of Naples [AFP]

    Landfill protest
    On Monday, thousands of Neapolitan demonstrators took to the streets to protest against a new landfill site.
    The city council was to present its plans for the site in Chiaiano, on the northern edge of the city, as a solution to the overflow.
    Police stood between the building where councillors were meeting, and the protesters who showed up to denounce the plans.
    Demonstrators said they had been occupying the Chiaiano site day and night for the past week in order to obstruct preparations for the unloading of waste.
    A protest spokeswoman said: "We don't accept the decision that was taken too quickly, there are homes less than 100 metres from the site. We don't want our lives and our health to be put in danger."
    This week trains piled with rubbish have been leaving the city for Germany to be processed, while firefighters have been dousing rubbish set alight by residents.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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