Warsaw ghetto uprising remembered

Israeli and Polish presidents mark 65th anniversary of Jewish action against Nazis.

    Shimon Peres at the Treblinka concentration camp where most Jews from the ghetto died[AFP]
    The Germans then burnt down the ghetto street by street.
    The uprising was the largest act of Jewish resistance against the Nazis in occupied Poland during World War II.
    The presidents plan to meet with some of those who took part in the uprising as well as Holocaust survivors.
    They will also attend a concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra lead by Zubin Mehta, the Indian conductor, at the national opera house in Warsaw.
    The anniversary of the uprising's start falls on Saturday, but commemorations were moved forward to Tuesday to avoid coinciding with the Jewish sabbath.
    On Saturday, the last surviving leader of the ghetto's struggle, Marek Edelman, 89, will lay flowers at the ghetto monument.
    The Nazis walled off the ghetto in November 1940, cramming some 400,000 Jews from across Poland into a swath of the capital in deprived conditions. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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