UK oil rig evacuated after alert

Bomb threat sparks major security operation in the North Sea off Scotland.

    The oil rig is 270km off the coast of Aberdeen
    A spokesman for the Kinloss Royal Air Force base in Scotland, which had aircraft involved in the operation, said: "It is understood the incident was sparked by comments made by a woman on the installation."

    A police spokeswoman said that no one had been arrested, but a 23-year-old British woman was being taken ashore for questioning.

    The incident had been "very quickly contained from a police point of view," the spokeswoman said.

    About 14 helicopters and a Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft were sent to the Safe Scandinavia platform in the Britannia oil field.

    A statement said that the workers were being returned to the oil rig.

    The platform is owned and operated by Oslo-listed company ProSafe.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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