Ukraine to hold early elections

President and prime minister agree on early elections but do not set a date.

    Ukraine has been in political  deadlock since Yushchenko, left, dissolved parliament in April [AFP]

    "We have reached the same conclusion that there is no other way to resolve this crisis than to organise honest and democratic elections," Yanukovych told his supporters.


    Ukraine has been in crisis since Yushchenko issued an order on April 2 to dissolve parliament and hold early elections after months of dispute with his arch rival Yanukovych, who heads up a pro-Russian coalition in the parliament.

    Yanukovych defied the order and brought thousands of his supporters into central Kiev, who held round-the-clock protests against Yushchenko outside key government buildings.


    The power struggle has paralysed political life in Ukraine and led to heated debate in the country's constitutional court, which Yanukovych supporters appealed to against Yushchenko's order.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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