UK charges six with terror funding

The Muslim men are to appear before magistrates in London on Monday.

    The men were arrested in four different
    London suburbs last week [AFP]
    Abu Izzadeen, Omar Zaheer, Shal Jalal Hussein, Simon Keeler, Ibrahim Abdullah Hassan and Rajib Khan were all charged with terrorist fund-raising.
    Keeler, Hassan, Khan and Izzadeen were also charged with inciting terrorism abroad.
    In addition, Hassan was charged with possessing articles suspected to be related to the commission, preparation, or instigation of a terrorist attack.
    Izzadeen is known for heckling John Reid, the interior minister, on television last September, calling him "an enemy of Islam" and "a tyrant".
    He came to prominence for refusing to condemn the deadly July 2005 suicide bombings in London and has described Tony Blair, the British prime minister, and George Bush, the US president, as the "real terrorists" for military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The electrician born in London to a Jamaican family, is thought to be a former spokesman for the al-Ghurabaa group, an offshoot of the now disbanded al-Muhajiroun led by radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed.
    Both groups are now banned in Britain.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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