Second body found after Eta bomb

Rescue workers find the body of a second man after Eta's Madrid airport bomb blast.

    Eta gave three telephone warnings before an explosion which broke a nine-month ceasefire [AFP]

    The other victim, Carlos Alonso Palate, was found on Wednesday. His remains were returned to Ecuador for burial on Thursday.


    The deaths, the first perpetrated by Eta since May 2003, came after a nine-month ceasefire.


    Eta has maintained its violent campaign for a Basque homeland for more than 40 years during which more than 800 people have died.


    Talks not over


    The government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, which blamed the explosion on Eta, said that Saturday's attack would "achieve nothing, it is not going to intimidate anyone".


    Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, the Spanish interior minister, said peace talks with Eta were now "finished" as a result of the bomb.


    However, the political wing Eta says peace talks with the Spanish government are not over, despite the blast.

    Xabi Larralde, a Batasuna spokesman, said the peace process "is not broken".

    SOURCE: Agencies


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