Deadly storms sweep northern Europe

"Unprecedented" storms have killed at least 27 people across the continent.

    Winds of up to 184kph swept from the UK to the Czech Republic [AFP]

    Eurostar International trains between France, Britain and Belgium came to a halt and helicopter rescuers winched 26 sailors to safety when their container ship began to sink in the English Channel.
    Most ferry sailings to Britain and France were called off.
    Rotterdam, Europe's busiest port, suffered disruption to shipping after the storm caused an oil spill at a terminal when a drifting container ship bumped into an oil jetty. The ship leaked 10,000 barrels of oil.
    In Ireland and Latvia, winds kept rescue crews from helping other ships damaged or missing after storms earlier in the week: seven fisherman from Ireland, Poland and Ukraine are missing and presumed dead off Ireland's coast, while Latvian rescuers were unable to attempt to salvage a Greek-owned cargo ship that ran aground on Tuesday off the Baltic port of Ventspils and has been leaking oil.
    Berlin's new central train station was evacuated after winds ripped a steel support weighing several tonnes from the facade.
    Train stations were closed across London and London's Heathrow airport, Europe's largest, canceled 280 flights.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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