Rome protests against death penalty

The city's mayor has lit up the Colosseum to show Rome's concern for human rights.

    Italy is campaigning for a United Nationsto impose a moratorium on the death penalty [Reuters]

    Saddam' Hussein's execution was denounced virtually across Italy's political spectrum.
    Silvio Berlusconi, the conservative opposition leader and former president who sent thousands of Italian troops to Iraq, calling the killing a political error.
    Saddam's execution for crimes against humanity also prompting a hunger strike from Marco Pannella, leader of Italy's Radical Party, who thanked the mayor from his hospital bed for lighting up the Colosseum.
    Italy is also spearheading a campaign for a United Nations moratorium on the death penalty.
    "The execution of Saddam Hussein has stirred a debate," said Michele Lembo, a demonstrator outside the Colosseum.
    "We ask people to think about what happened and propose an alternative."
    Italy and all other European Union countries have outlawed capital punishment.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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