British citizenship test extended

The UK government is to start testing foreigners seeking British citizenship in April.

    Applicants will be asked questions
    about the British monarchy
    Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of English.
    As well as questions on the workings of government, the test expects applicants to know details of British history and a wealth of statistical data.
    Newspapers lampooned the test when it was introduced for those applying to be citizens last year, pointing out that most people who have always lived in Britain would have difficulty answering the questions correctly.
    Sample questions include:

    "Name three countries that Jewish people immigrated from to escape persecution during the period 1880-1910?" The answer is Belarus, Poland and Ukraine.

    "What's the distance between the north coast of Scotland to south coast of England?" Answer: About 600 miles (1,000km).

    "If you were the first visitor of the new year to a Scottish home, what might you be expected to bring?" Answer: Coal, bread and whisky to ensure prosperity.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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