Chechen honour for dead spy

Chechen rebels say the ex-Soviet spy who died of radiation poisoning is a martyr.

    Litvinenko had been a fierce critic of the Kremlin

    Litvinenko was close to Chechen rebel representative Akhmed  Zakayev,

    Chechen rebel representative Akhmed Zakayev accused the Kremlin of exporting "gangster politics" to Britain

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    who visited his bedside before his death and accused the Kremlin of exporting "gangster politics" to Britain.


    A former colonel in the KGB and its successor the Federal Security Service, Litvinenko co-authored a 2003 book blaming the Russian secret service for being behind the bombings in Moscow apartment buildings in 1999.


    But he never furnished proof to back his accusations about the attacks, blamed on Chechen rebels.


    Litvinenko had also "adopted the Muslim religion", according to the Chechen declaration, making him a "martyr" with his death.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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