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Explosions rattle Afghan capital

Roadside bomb in Kabul kills soldier and injures six others, while second blast in centre of city causes no casualties.

    Explosions rattle Afghan capital
    Many of the recent attacks on the Afghan capital targeted soldiers and security installations [AP]

    Two explosions shook homes in Afghanistan's capital, one of which killed a soldier and wounded six others.

    Hashmat Stanekzai, the spokesman for Kabul's police chief, said a roadside bomb targeted an Afghan National Army minibus early on Tuesday morning, causing the casualties.

    The Kabul provincial police chief, General Mohammad Zahir, said the second blast in the centre of the city a few hours later did not cause casualties.

    Tuesday’s blast came a day after a magnetic bomb killed two US troops in Kabul.

    The capital has seen an escalation in attacks by armed groups in recent months, many targeting foreigners and security installations.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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