Suicide bomber targets NATO troops in Kabul

One civilian killed in attack targeting convoy of international troops in Afghanistan's capital.

    NATO said there were no immediate reports of casualties among the foreign forces [Reuters]
    NATO said there were no immediate reports of casualties among the foreign forces [Reuters]

    A suicide bomber targeting a NATO convoy in the Afghan capital has killed one civilian and wounded three others, officials said.

    The attack took place around dawn on Monday on the road to the city of Jalalabad, Afghan authorities said.

    "A suicide bomber blew up his vehicle loaded with explosives in Qabil Bai," Deputy Interior Minister General Mohammad Ayub Salangi said in a tweet, adding that "one person was killed and three injured in this attack".

    General Farid Afzali, head of the criminal police in Kabul, told the AFP news agency: "One Afghan civilian was martyred in today's attack in Kabul, and three others were wounded who were working for a foreign company in the area, according to eye witnesses."

    NATO confirmed that one of its vehicles was attacked. A spokesman said there were no casualties among members of the military coalition, known as ISAF.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

    In a separate incident, two Afghan civilians were killed and six others were wounded when a suicide bomber targeted an Afghan army patrol in the Nangarhar province, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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