Another batch of Indians return from Iraq

At least 200 workers arrive in New Delhi while fate of 40 workers allegedly seized by rebels still remains unknown.

    Another batch of Indians return from Iraq
    About 10,000 Indians work in Iraq mostly in areas unaffected by the fighting [EPA]

    A group of 200 Indian workers, who were stranded in war-torn Iraq, have arrived in the capital, New Delhi, according to reports.

    The fresh batch of Indian citizens arrived on Sunday a day after 46 nurses, who were reportedly abducted by the Islamic State group in Iraq, also arrived home in Kochi in southern state of Kerala, according to the Reuters news agency.

    A group of 78 workers belonging to southern province of Andhra Pradesh also reached India on Saturday.

    "We used to hear the firing of bullets 24 hours. The whole of Iraq is disturbed, the people there don't give importance to Indians," Upendra Singh, an Indian worker, said.

    All the Indian nationals were carried from Baghdad on a special Air India flight.

    On Saturday the Indian foreign ministrysaid that the momentum of return of its nationals was gathering pace as "600 more Indian nationals [are] returning home in next 48 hours".

    Another Indian worker, Mohammed Alam, complained that the company they worked for did not provide them any help to return back to the country.

    Alam said that the India embassy was helpful and provided them tickets ensuring their safe exit.

    While many have returned to India, at least 40 Indian construction workers are still unaccounted for.

    The group calling itself the Islamic State, previously known as ISIL, and other Sunni rebel groups have swept across much of northern and western Iraq accusing the Shia led government of sidelining the Sunni community.

    About 10,000 Indians work in Iraq, mostly in areas unaffected by the fighting, but scores of them have returned to India since the rebels' offensive began last month.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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