BCCI bans cricket body after Modi poll win

Top cricket body embargoes Rajasthan Cricket Association after former IPL chief Lalit Modi is elected its president.

    BCCI bans cricket body after Modi poll win
    Lalit Modi was key person in founding the IPL, now a multi-billion-dollar industry [AFP]

    The Indian cricket board has banned the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) after the latter elected Lalit Modi as its president.

    Modi contested the election last December, three months after the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India banned him for improprieties while running the hugely popular Indian Premier League (IPL).

    The RCA was immediately suspended from membership of the BCCI, "pending disciplinary proceedings against it on charges of misconduct," the board said in a statement on Tuesday, according to Associated Press news agency.

    BCCI said it would form an ad hoc body which will run cricket in Rajasthan.

    The poll results were sealed following Supreme Court order.

    On Tuesday, a court-appointed observer opened the results, and Modi secured 24 out of 33 votes to win the election for president.

    Controversial figure

    The RCA argues that Modi was chosen democratically and that it could not remove him from the election because of state government rules.

    Last September, Modi was found responsible by the BCCI of rigging bids during the IPL franchise auction in 2010, bullying franchises, and selling media and Internet rights without proper authorisation.

    One of the founders of the IPL in 2008, Modi was removed from the posts of IPL commissioner and BCCI vice president in 2010.

    He has been a vocal critic of suspended BCCI chief Narainswami Srinivasan and the board. He has been living in London for the past three years.



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