Indian soldiers killed in avalanche

Two soldiers among 11 dead after heavy snowfall triggered avalanches in Jammu and Kashmir state.

    Indian soldiers killed in avalanche
    Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian-administered Kashmir, has seen unprecedented snowfall [EPA]

    At least 11 people, including two Indian soldiers, have been killed after unprecedented snowfall triggered avalanches and damaged over 150 structures including dozens of houses in Jammu and Kashmir, reports say.

    Two Army personnel, Naik Vijay Prasad and Dharmindra Singh of 82 Field Regiment, died after an avalanche hit their camp in Kargil sector of Ladakh region, police told NDTV on Wednesday.

    Bodies of both personnel were recovered.

    Four persons were also killed after avalanches hit two houses at Paiseran Dragdun village in Damhal Hanjipora area of south Kashmir's Kulgam district in the wee hours of Wednesday, a police official said.

    A 48-year-old woman died after her dwelling collapsed due to heavy snowfall at Mimigam village in Qazigund area, the official said.

    Three Nepali labourers were also killed when an avalanche hit a stone quarry at Kaksar in Kargil sector, he said.

    About 100 people have been evacuated to safer places due to the threat of avalanches.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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