India navy officer dies in destroyer gas leak

Gas leak on destroyer in Mumbai dockyard is the latest in string of fatal accidents to befall the Indian navy.

    India navy officer dies in destroyer gas leak
    A string of fatal accidents prompted the resignation of navy chief Adm. DK Joshi [AP]

    An Indian navy commander has died and four dockworkers have fallen ill after a gas leak on a destroyer being built in a Mumbai dockyard.

    The gas leak on Friday was caused by a malfunction in a carbon dioxide unit on the destroyer, state-owned Mazagon Dock Limited said in a statement. It said the ill workers were taken to hospital.

    The leak on the unnamed destroyer is the latest in a string of fatal accidents to befall the navy.

    Last week, navy chief Admiral D.K. Joshi resigned after two officers were killed in a fire on the Russian-built INS Sindhuratna during a training exercise at sea.

    In August last year 18 naval crew were killed when the fully-armed Russian-built INS Sindhurakshak exploded in flames and sank in a military shipyard in Mumbai.

    The disaster was thought to be the Indian navy's worst since the sinking of a frigate by a Pakistani submarine in 1971.

    Last month another submarine, INS Sindhughosh, ran aground while returning to Mumbai harbour. No loss of life or damage was reported.

    In December, the INS Talwar, a Russian-built stealth frigate, slammed into a trawler off India's west coast, sinking the boat and throwing 27 fishermen into the sea. All of the fishermen were rescued.

    In February 2010 the Sindhurakshak suffered a fire while docked in Visakhapatnam city in southern India, killing a 24-year-old sailor.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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