Pakistan bus bomb leaves six dead

Ten others wounded after bomb planted in bus explodes near northeastern town of Kharian, 130km southeast of Islamabad.

    The wounded were moved to nearby hospitals [EPA]

    At least six people have been killed and 10 others wounded after a bomb planted in a bus exploded in a northeastern Pakistani town.

    The blast took place near the garrison town of Kharian, about 130km southeast of Islamabad, the capital.

    "At least six people were killed in the blast," Afzal Bhatti, a senior police official, said.

    Bhatti said that those wounded had been moved to nearby hospitals.

    Taliban fighters have threatened deadly attacks against Pakistan and the US in revenge for the May 2 killing of Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, by US commandos in the northern city of Abbottabad.

    On Friday, twin bomb blasts targeting a paramilitary training centre in northwest Pakistan killed scores of people, mostly paramilitary personnel, and wounded more than 100 others, police and local officials said.

    A police official said Friday's attack in Charsadda district appeared to be the work of two suicide bombers, though there was a possibility of the second bomb being planted.

    The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack, terming it the "first revenge" for the killing of bin Laden.

    No one has so far claimed responsibility for Saturday's bombing.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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