Skirmish at Afghan-Pakistan border

Pakistani tribesmen say major offensive "under way" near Afghan border over Taliban targets.

    Afghan-Pakistan border region is widely believed to be the front line in the war against the Taliban [AFP]

    "Local media also said that a major offensive might be on the way on the Afghan side possibly over Taliban targets."


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    Pakistani military officials said the reports were baseless.

    Our correspondent said that it was not yet clear as to whether the skirmish was an operation aimed at targets inside Pakistan.

    "The Pakistani military does not have any joint operations on its territory nor does it get involved on the Afghan side of the border, so it would appear that this is an Afghan, American, Nato operation going under way on the Afghan side of the border," he said.

    "Whenever these operations take place so close to the border areas, there is confused because there is not light, it is night time so its very difficult to know what is going on."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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