Tibetans storm Chinese embassy

Two dozens Tibetan exiles detained during protest in the Indian capital.

    Police said nearly two dozens protesters were detained at the Chinese embassy [Reuters]

    'Justice raped'

    The protest was organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress.

    "Tibet is not part of China. Justice has been raped in Tibet ... No human rights in Tibet... We want freedom," an unidentified protester said.

    Tibetans who oppose Chinese rule cite violation of human rights and demand either autonomy or complete independence.

    China invaded Tibet in 1950 and after a failed uprising in March, 1959, the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader, fled to exile in India.

    China has defended its rule in Tibet, saying not only did it free Tibetans living under feudal oppression but it also poured billions of dollars into the Himalayan region for development.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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