Pakistan minister wounded in attack

Driver dies after armed men open fire on car of religious affairs minister in Islamabad.

    Hamid Saeed Kazmi survived the attack, but
    was injured in the leg [Reuters]

    Muntizar Hassan, a police officer, said that Kazmi had survived the attack but that his driver had been killed.

    Kazmi was said to have been shot in the leg. A bodyguard was also wounded in the attack.

    Television pictures showed several bullet holes in the vehicle.

    Kazmi, who belongs to the Barelvi sect of Sufi Islam, has been a vocal critical of the Taliban in Pakistan.

    The Pakistani army launched a campaign in April to clear Taliban fighters from Swat and Buner, two valleys a few hours drive from Islamabad.

    Pakistan's major religious parties quickly moved to condemn the attack on Kazmi.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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