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Mumbai suspect pleads 'not guilty'

Kasab faces the death penalty if convicted of taking part in November's deadly assault.

    At least 166 people were killed during the three-day siege of India's financial capital last November [AFP]

    Kasab also told the court that he was 21 years old, prompting laughter in the courtroom because of the defence's recent attempts to prove that Kasab was a minor - under 18 years - which would have meant lighter penalties.

    After several medical examinations, Tahiliyani ruled that Kasab was 21 and would be tried as an adult.

    Kasab also said that he was a labourer from the town of Faridkot in Pakistan's Punjab province.

    Prosecutors claim the attacks were masterminded by the armed Muslim group Lashkar-e-Taiba, and say investigations are under way to determine the scope of Pakistani involvement in the attack.

    The attacks raised tensions between India and Pakistan, South Asian neighbours who have fought three wars against each other since gaining independence in 1947.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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