Bangladesh rounds up 'mutineers'

More than 500 border guards arrested over suspected involvement in February revolt.

    At least 74 people, including 57 army commanders,
    were killed during the 33-hour mutiny [AFP]

    The 33-hour revolt over pay and working conditions erupted on February 25 at the headquarters of Bangladesh's border force, the Bangladesh Rifles, in the capital, Dhaka.

    Outside of the capital, many more mutineers took up arms forcing officers to flee their posts.

    The uprising ended after the government offered an amnesty to the mutineers, but this was withdrawn after the bodies of scores of people were found in mass graves and sewers in the Dhaka compound. 

    At least 74 people were killed, including 57 army commanders.

    The violence shook relations between the newly elected government of Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister, and the military, which criticised her handling of the situation.

    The government has appointed two committees - one headed by the military and another by the home ministry - to investigate the revolt, but their findings are still awaited.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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