Weakened storm spares Bangladesh

Cyclone Bijli crosses Chittagong-Barisal coast, causing less damage then expected.

    Cyclone prone

    Despite three people being killed in Cox's Bazar and thousands of thatched homes being destroyed, officials regarded the loss of life and damage to property as being minimal. 

    Authorties attributed the minimal damage to adequate preparations by the disaster management ministry, the Red Crescent Society and other groups experienced in evacuation and rescue efforts.

    The government initiated disaster management plans after a level six storm alert was raised.

    Bangladesh grades storms with signals ranging from 1 to 10, and authorities start major preparations when the signal is raised to five or beyond.

    Cyclones and tropical storms are common in Bangladesh, killing many people in the delta nation of 150 million every year, and causing huge damage to crops and property.

    Cyclone Sidr swept part of the coast in November 2007, killing about 3,500 people. A cyclone killed about 140,000 people in April 1991.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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